Hi! Welcome to this website! I am glad you are here 🙂 My hope is that something on this site will bless your life in some way. I do not take credit for anything here, I am simply passing on what has been given to me. There is nothing original here, because everything I have is a gift from God. I am simply sharing with you what he has shared with me.

The idea for this website came to me after pondering a talk given by Hugh Nibley called, “Work We Must But The Lunch Is Free.” I had read this many years ago, but in early 2015 I read it again and it has changed my life. Shortly after reading that article I read in the New Testament about Jesus Christ feeding a multitude of 5,000 with five loaves of bread. I was impressed that there were many things Christ was teaching us through this miracle. I began jotting down lessons I can learn from this miracle. That short list grew over time, and now I feel inspired to share these ideas with you.


The main author of this site, Arden Compton, is happily married to his wife Cheryl. They are the parents of 7 amazing children; Peter, Anne, Sharla, Abigail, Alice, Cori, and Amber.

His greatest joy in life comes from serving God by serving his fellow man and bringing souls to Christ.

He lives in Brigham City, Utah.

Feel free to contact him via email at: wholesomelives@mac.com

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