Christlike Possibilities


Jesus Christ thought differently than most people. He was aware of possibilities that others never considered. We looked at what he did as miracles. I don’t think he performed these miracles to show off, many of the miracles were acts of love and compassion. He made it clear that his primary objective was to do the work his Father sent him to do. Pleasing his Father in Heaven was his number one motive, perhaps his only motive. In doing this, he was trying to teach us to think differently. He showed us that things are possible that we don’t normally consider as possibilities. He has invited us to follow him, to be like him, to do the works that he has done. Except for the Atonement and Resurrection, everything he did are things we can also do, with his help.
“He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do; and greater works than these shall he do.” John 14:12
Here is a list of things he did that required real outside the box thinking.

Problem: not enough wine
Normal solution: grow grapes  buy more wine
Christ’s solution: turn water into wine

Problem: not enough food
Normal Solution: buy food, or bake bread
Christ’s solution: multiply bread & fish

Problem:ship sinking in storm
Normal Solution: row hard, bail with buckets
Christ’s solution: calm the storm

Problem: need money for taxes
Normal Solution: earn the money
Christ’s solution: send Peter fishing, get money from fishes mouth

Problem: no fish caught
Normal solution: quit
Christ’s solution: cast net on right side

Problem: man born blind
Normal Solution: leave to beg on the street
Christ’s solution: restore his sight

Problem: leprosy
Normal solution: no cure
Christ’s solution: heal the leprosy

Normal Solution: no cure
Christ’s solution: raise the dead

Problem: need a colt
Normal Solution: save money to buy a colt
Christ’s solution: send disciple to get one

In each of these scenarios, the solutions that Jesus Christ came up with was astounding. No one else was considering these possibilities. Consider the situation when the they were at sea in a storm. I’m sure when the disciples woke Jesus up and asked for help, they weren’t expecting him to stop the storm. They probably wanted him to help row or bail water out of their ship. But his solution was better than theirs.
Are there solutions to your challenges that you haven’t been open to? I know there have been in my life. I am trying to open my mind up to infinite
possibilities, and do the work that God has sent me to do. I don’t want to spend time bailing water with buckets when God has more important work for me to be doing in building his kingdom.

Moses’ miracles delivering children of Israel out of Egypt.
Moses parting the red sea.
Water out of the rock.
Joshua parting the river Jordan.
Joshua marching around Jericho.
Gideon sending home most of his soldiers before the battle, and then not needing to fight.
Alma Sr in bondage, the Lord puts the guards to sleep
Daniel and the lions den
Shadrach, Meshack, and Abenego in the fiery furnace
Joseph leaving prison to rule all of Egypt


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