Visions of Glory Quotes

Visions of Glory is a book describing a series of near death experiences that a person known as Spencer experienced.  Spencer does not claim that his visions were exactly prophetic, but suggests that we read prayerfully to discern what applies to us. Below are a series of quotes from Visions of Glory that resonate with me, I believe there is truth and principles to apply in these quotes. I believe as we live these principles it will bring us closer to Jesus Christ and the establishment of Zion.   Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

“She said I had been prepared from before the foundation of the earth for this mission, and that I should never again doubt that any earthly event, accident, illness, or even death could stop it from occurring.” pg 74

In order to receive the key, and the assignment it represented, one had to be prepared by sacrificing their will, their earthly possessions, their health if called upon, or even their lives if need be, to follow the path God ordained to prepare that person with charity, faith, doctrinal purity, sound understanding, and most of all, perfect obedience to God’s will. This is the course Christ had submitted Himself to, though His suffering was far greater and for all mankind. This lesser suffering we go through is to prepare an individual for their specific mission. Pg 84

The image I saw revealed that even though we only perceive one plane of existence, there are an infinite number of planes, stacked, or layered, in the same space. These planes are not truly “universes” because they are less about infinite stars and suns and worlds as they are about God’s organization and exaltation of all of His creations and His assigning unchanging glory and laws to each plane.    pg 88-89

It was shown to me that God does not dwell in a reality limited by time or distance. He exists outside of time and can move forward or backward through the construct of time. He created what we call “time” for our perception and progression, but He is not Himself subject to it. Anywhere in His creations, and any “when” in His creations, he is there. He can and does act in the past, present, and future, but to him it is all “now” and “here,” before his eyes. He can as easily speed up time for His purposes or stop it from progressing, all without our being aware of it. Since He can also see the end eternal outcome of all things and all people, He can influence or change anything, anywhere, and anytime He desires to bless the eternal outcome of our lives.      All of the things that we accept as mortal laws, like gravity, physics, light, heat, or speed, are all creations of God. We are bound by them unto life or death, but He is not. They are “laws” that belong to the Telestial order. They function by His command and as He decrees, but He is not an inmate of the Telestial order, and therefore He is not subject to these “laws.”  pg 100-101

This was all for our learning, to teach us to rely totally and only upon Christ. It was a hard lesson to learn because we had to keep relearning it on higher and higher levels.  Pg 154

We had the mind-set that the Lord expected us to provide for our needs, and that He would lead us to obtain them. We developed complete faith in this process. We learned much later, however, that this is a lesser law, and that we were really being brought to a greater faith that would allow us to rely upon Him for everything. We learned this in greater degrees as we continued our journey to Zion. We were taught it in as many ways as it took until it was a perfect and powerful truth – until we simply had nothing but Him, and it was enough. – pg 158

Here in our little part of Zion, our hearts were changing, our bodies were changing, and our spiritual IQ was changing. We still had a fullness of the priesthood, as we first discovered just before the first great conference, and we were learning every day what that meant.  It took us years to understand that we had to evolve into Zion, not just march to it.  It was a process that involved stripping away everything belonging to the world and replacing it with total faith in God.  We had to learn that we did not need anything from the telestial world.  All we needed was complete faith in Christ. It was a hard transition to make, but it was one of the reasons our journey to Zion took so many years – not to cover the distance, but to evolve spiritually so that we would be worthy to be in Zion when we actually arrived there.  Pg 168

I had to get very low and near death to realize that I was asking for the wrong blessing.  I was trying to have the Lord make me arrive on my own terms  which was with my medicine. I humbled myself and told the Lord I would go anywhere He wanted, to Zion or to Heaven, and I would go on His terms.  I just had to learn that the Lord was my salvation, and not a bottle of medicine.  Pg 169

We had the priesthood power, but not the spiritual maturity and understanding to use it flawlessly.  Like this fine brother, we had to learn how to be of perfect faith, and how to release our grip on “things” as our salvation.    There were other lessons we had to learn before we arrived in Zion. If we had fully understood what we had, we could have just “traveled” to Zion in a heartbeat by the power of God. That knowledge was not revealed to us because we had to walk there and in the process to be stripped of everything we had except a few rags of clothing before we learned to rely totally upon God, and to use His priesthood to provide things we had always previously relied upon society and hard work to provide. The law of “by the sweat of thy brow” had been amended, but it would take us years to grow into that sweet knowledge.  Pg 170

We just kept thinking, “Behold the majesty of the Lord!” and we went forward without fear.  – pg 176

As soon as we ceased to fear, we awoke one morning to a new phenomenon. There was a pillar of light in the front of our camp and one at our rear.  – pg 180

We knew too much of God’s power to be afraid anymore, and we had consecrated our lives to Christ, which meant we did not fear what the world could do or how our lives might end. I tell you, we had no fear. – pg  181

Yet every time a challenge and loss stripped us of something we needed, our faith grew stronger still, rendering that thing unnecessary.  Pg 181-182

We arrived at Zion on foot and in rags. All of our vehicles were abandoned and our supplies were gone. Even our pockets were empty. We had been stripped of everything we relied upon, everything that had produced our earlier confidence, even food and clothing. It was this process of sacrificing everything earthly that had sequentially taught us to totally trust in God, to have utter confidence in Him, rather than in our “things.” We arrived with a pillar of fire before us and a pillar of fire behind us, and we lacked for nothing. We had been beaten down, and in that same process we had been elevated to the stature of Zion.  pg 185

Even for us, the first citizens of Zion, this was our journey – the systematic stripping away of everything we possessed, and everything we thought we needed to survive. It was this process that had purified us and taught us how magnificent life is with total confidence in our loving God. It was the only way to learn this exalting form of purity.  Pg 215


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